adoptable rules

Before you progress, please read these rules.
  1. All contents herein are not to be adopted unless you link the image back to the main page of this site (this page here). Do not link to the adoptables page or any other page of the site.
  2. Do not bandwidth-steal. This means save the image to your OWN server before using.
  3. Do not alter any of the images on these pages. They are to be adopted entirely as-is.
  4. ONLY adopt images from adoptables pages. You can tell, because they'll not only say adoptable on them, you'll have to click through this page to get to them.
  5. Please LINK THE BASEMAKER. If it's a doll on my base, obviously, this isn't as much of a problem. Otherwise, it is imperative that you not only link me, but also the base site.

Thank you! You may progress to the adoptable dolls.